Shoes for Pole Dancing: Pleaser is the ultimate go-to name in sexy shoes

Pole dancing organically combines the best of both stage art and sports. It blends the beauty of dance and its moves with complex acrobatic tricks. This hurricane cocktail mix sets the standard for performance clothing. The most critical component of this outfit is shoes for pole dancing.

What shoes are best for pole dancing?

Acrobatics, pole dancing, and stage acrobatics all share a pole at the center of the stage with a dancer. Pole dancing is a form of dancing under extreme pressure. Therefore, the pole shoes must be capable of “surviving” this pressure. Then, a simple question is asked: What’s the difference between pole dancing shoes the regular ones?

These are the main characteristics of pole dancing shoes:

Shoes for pole dancing have a high level of strength and are suitable for all elements of exotic dance.

Maximum convenience for exotic dancers’ legs, particularly the presence of a cushion over the heel that absorbs all pressure during the dance.

All materials can be adapted to prevent shoes from slipping on the pole, such as minimizing metal parts.

Visual brightness and attractiveness (for stage dancing);

The possibilities for “aesthetic adjustment,” such as a high platform for shorter dancers, etc.

It is only possible to learn to walk in high heels by wearing high heels. You can’t learn to dance confidently and beautifully by wearing light shoes for training or going barefoot for exotic dancing.

What type of shoes should I buy for pole dancing?

Exotic dancers can choose “from a show” from various shoes and boots. They also have the option to select a platform with a 1″ or 5″, a picture top, a colored top, or a transparent top. How long will these shoes last? How long will the heels last? And how comfortable can you dance in them? When choosing shoes for pole dancing, an exotic dancer will rely on a well-known and trusted brand. Pleaser Pole Dance Shoes guarantees pole dancing with unambiguous quality.

Do you choose to go bold, bright, original, or classic and stylish? Pleaser shoes are a well-known brand of exotic dancing shoes. They offer frivolous glamour as well as passive sexuality and pretentious shock. Pleaser shoes are available in various sizes and heights, including a platform that can accommodate a 1″ to 5″ or 7″ person.


All Pleaser shoes have a high-quality material perfectly matched with a smooth pole. The platform’s height is equal to the heel’s, and the comfortable and durable pads help unload your legs as much as possible. The pole dance shoes by Pleaser have been designed to provide maximum safety for both the legs and the back.

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