Fall-winter shoe trends for men

Men have always had to make a big decision about the shoes they choose for cold weather. Men are more likely to be fashion-conscious than women when choosing the proper boots or booties for cold weather. We will be presenting¬†Men’s Shoes Trends¬†for 2019-2020.

Fashion trends

Although suede shoes for men are a top choice in 2019-2020, there are more practical options. This expensive material is delicate and requires special care. However, it looks elegant and costly. Gray, green, blue, and metallic are the most popular shades of suede.

It’s hard not to notice the sporty influence style has on traditional boots. These boots are ultramodern, thanks to their formal look and bright inserts with contrasting stripes.

There are many types of leather available for boots.

Pigskin leather is soft and fragile. It’s not waterproof.

Bullhide is robust, durable and water-resistant. When tanning occurs, they shrink and often hide to emphasize wrinkles and other imperfections.

Cow skin is slightly soft and can last long without getting wet.

Calfskin (calfskin) is soft, rugged, and durable. This is a great thing. Calfskin boots can be more expensive than usual, but it is worth the extra cost.

Sometimes boots can be made from Shell Cordovan leather (from the hindquarters of a horse) or crocodile skin. These are good options, but they can be very costly. Cordovan skin is not for everyone. It feels heavy and gleaming.

Shoe Color Solutions

Designers focus on the following colors when creating fall-winter fashion 2019-2020: dark brown, light brown, gray, and dark brown. The classic boots’ chocolate color is unbeatable. This color is elegant and versatile. It can be paired with nearly every piece of men’s everyday wardrobe. Fashion runways are also filled with dark green and blue. These colors are still in fashion for several years, so that a man might choose these boots.

Classic boots

Italian shoe manufacturers for men are always at the forefront of fashion and delight us with new products. The 2019-2020 fashion boots for men are stylish. Classic leather shoes made with the finest artistry look elegant and luxurious. This season, the dominant colors are black and all-brown shades. Boots can also be distinguished by unusual color transitions, such as from one darker shade to another.

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots will be the top choice for the coming season. These boots are made without lacing, fasteners, or lacing and have elastic inserts. Fashionistas can choose from various patent leather models and boots, as well as boots in “vintage” styles for the fall-winter season.

Chelsea boots are high-heeled shoes for men with round toes. They are low in heel and have a thin soles. This Chelsea boot differs from other styles because it has elastic side panels. Chelsea boots do not have any decorative elements. These boots for men are available in dark colors or smooth leather.

Chelsea boots made of leather and suede are not going out of style. A broader and more vibrant color palette is the only thing that has changed from last year. The designers introduced models in various colors, including the traditional black and brown Chelsea boots. Chelsea boots are minimalist in design. These boots are great for pairing with casual and business wear.

Beatle boots

Beatle boots are trendy in recent times. These boots look similar to Chelsea boots but have zippers rather than elastic side panels. This shoe is excellent for making a fashion statement and showcasing your alternative style in the next season.

Desert boots

Desert boots are a timeless model for everyday shoes. Desert boots are exclusively made from suede. They come with a rubber or leather sole and laces. This men’s boot extends to the ankle.

Experts differ on whether these boots are appropriate for wearing with a business outfit.


Chukka boots are a timeless style of footwear. Their name is believed to have been inspired by the game of Polo, where a chukka refers to a period.

This boot is an ankle-length model that usually has two to three eyelets and thin laces. These boots are made of leather or suede. Chukka boots can be worn casually, but they can also be dressed up as dress shoes. They are suitable for smart casual or business casual wear.


Brogue boots are one the most versatile types of footwear. Brogue boots were initially created in Scotland and Ireland to be worn outdoors. The unique feature of their construction distinguished these boots: each leather piece was perforated and then serrated. These perforations were made to let water drain from the boots. They also featured a leather tang lace and a tongue not present in other shoes.

Sporty style

High-quality, durable shoes are preferred by young people who live an active lifestyle. These shoes were once considered only for tourists. However, well-known designers now recommend wearing them with a classic outfit.

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