Fashion Secrets Your Personal Stylists Will Not Tell You For Free

Instead of chasing trendy trends, choose timeless staples

These professional stylists will help you create the perfect look before you rush to purchase new style items for your weekend look, office wardrobe, and date-night outfits. These stylists might surprise you and get you more compliments than you expected. You’ll learn which pieces are essential, how to wear them, and what you can do to save money. You’ll be able to understand the styling secrets of women and become a better woman.

Style doesn’t necessarily have to be about wearing heels and dresses

Fashion doesn’t have to be all girly. I’m a tomboy at heart so I encourage women to try menswear and more casual pieces. A trench coat with cute sneakers is a favorite tomboy trend.” — Olivia Pierson. TipTalk fashion expert and star of ‘Relatively Nat & Liv.

This is how to achieve the look: Slip-on shoes that have both sneaker-like comforts, as well as attitude, are a good choice. These Rothy loafers are comfortable and stylish. Find out which shoes speak to you.

Instagram is not the only place to look

“Social media does not always reflect the whole picture. “Social media doesn’t always show the whole picture. For example, as glamorous as my social media images may seem, I wish people would know that I am most comfortable in sweatpants and sweatshirts. It’s when I feel the sexiest!” — Natalie Halcro. TipTalk fashion expert and star of ‘Relatively Nat and Liv’.

This is what you should do: Choose confidence-boosting athleisure that is cute enough to wear out but comfortable enough to use as a sleeping garment, such as these Soma Sunday pants. You should also avoid these styles that are too skinny, such as jeans or shorts.

You can spend too much time selecting your outfit and ruin the rest of your day.

Decision fatigue is a term that not enough people are familiar with. Decision fatigue occurs when there are too many decisions made in a given day. All these small decisions can add up and drain your brain’s decision-making ability later. Don’t spend your mornings trying to dress. Reduce the number of clothes you don’t like or can’t wear often and make sure you have only the pieces you love. Keep your clothes simple to help you have the energy and motivation to tackle life’s more difficult problems.” — Dan Moyer Jr. stylist, national director of social media at Closet Factory

This is It’s time to Get rid of all the accessories and clothing in your closet and invest in essentials such as this Dangela Denim Jacket by Francesca’s. It can be worn with anything, from floppy skirts to brightly colored pants. You can even wear it over little black dresses for a professional weekend look.

The most fashionable clothing item isn’t clothing

There are so many trend pieces, online articles, and magazine blurbs about the latest ‘it’ items or what you should not be seen wearing again. True personal style is one that looks good to the outside but makes you feel great inside. Stephen V. Hernandez is a personal stylist located in New York City

This figure-flattering Liverpool the Real Boyfriend Roll Cuff Jeans may look expensive but they are just as comfortable and affordable as regular loungewear. This is how to choose the best jeans that fit your body type.

Investment pieces can be a great deal

This is what you should do: While high-quality materials such as genuine leather can be more expensive than quick-fashion pieces, they will add elegance to your wardrobe for many years. This Parker Clay Layla Satchel is available in an attractive rust-brown color. These are some more classic handbags that you can add to your wardrobe.

Fashion rules exist because they are important

Your personal style should reflect your life, mood, and resources. However, you don’t have to follow the rules in order to make it unique. Kylen MORAN, stylist and fashion blogger.

This is how it looks: These versatile pencil skirts are timeless and can be paired with sweaters, button-downs, and tees. This Esteez Charlotte Pencil skirt has slimming panels that offer a more comfortable option to shapewear. You might need another smoothing solution depending on what piece you have. You’ll be set if you have the best formalwear for any type of outfit.

Remember who is boss? (Hint, it’s you, the one who has the wallet

This is Make an original silhouette, print, statement or color part your signature style. Ease into your personal expression with a fun take on the classic tee, like this affordable data-position=” embedded links” href=” “>Desert Dreamer raw edge oversize tee. You can wear it with jeans or loosely tucked in a Boho-inspired maxi. Next, see these fashion rules that you can break with no guilt.

Secondhand shops aren’t too difficult for you

Consignment shops are your best friend, whether you’re selling or buying. You’ll be able to sell the key pieces from last season and have more money to buy new pieces.

This is how to do it: You can find pieces at as low as $1 on online thrift stores such as ThredUp. They also let you trade in your own clothes to make more money. These shopping tips will help you find hidden treasures in thrift stores.

It is important to test things

If you feel something looks great but it isn’t possible to pull it off, go to the dressing room and try it. One of my most memorable styling jobs was when a client said to me, “Forget it, it’s not my cut or color or length,” only to love it once they tried it on. What are you waiting for? Hernandez

Check this out: Use a rent-before-buying service such as Rent The Runway. Not only will you save money on expensive single-use items such as fancy-occasion dresses but you will also be able to access thousands of designer clothes every day. If you are in love with them, you can try them on (literally). Learn more about clothing rentals.

Only runway models can look good in head-to-toe trends

“Most people should only indulge in small amounts of trends. This season’s focus is on velvet. But you don’t have to be a complete goth or pimp to embrace this trend. You can try it on a smaller scale with a Velvet Pump, a Velvet Skir, or a Velvet Corded Necklace. You will find a way to use it in a way that suits you.” Hernandez

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