The Best Fashion Tips and Tricks from Pro Stylists

Many of us likely have spent a lot of time this year in sweatpants. Our outside clothes became dusty in our closets, and our fashion sense suffered along with our social skills. Even those who don’t mind dressing up can sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the options available. Not to mention how to add new pieces to your wardrobe. Dressing up doesn’t need to be difficult. We reached out to Kristen Saladino (HT0_ Good Housekeeping ) and a few other stylists for their top fashion tips to help us break out of our wardrobe ruts.

Go monochrome

Avoid the pressure to match colors by dressing head-toto in one color. This is a chic way to show your spring favorites and encourage you try new things. Saladino loves white, pink, and gray. The “Canadian Tuxedo” is a great option if you have a lot of denim. Combining a denim jacket and a jean skirt can transform your basics into a fashionable look.

These three pieces are key. You only need three items if you don’t like complicated fashion trends, or you want to make your look more polished, says The Ambitionista’s Heidi Nazarudin. A pair of classic sunglasses that flatter the face, a beautiful everyday leather handbag, and smart shoes that you can walk in will instantly elevate any outfit.

Bright lipsticks and accessories are a good idea

It’s easy to see why neutrals and black are so versatile. Nazarudin suggests using them as an accessory to your clothing. She suggests that instead of wearing a brightly colored blouse, she recommends purchasing a bracelet, cuff, or lipstick.

You can try a vintage cardigan

You can give life to those old graphic tees in your closet by adding a granny cardigan. For a trendy look, grab a thrift store one that is well-made and can be worn with loafers and cropped jeans.

Get your sneakers out of the gym

Running shoes don’t have to be for the treadmill. For a fashionable look that is also practical, Saladino suggests wearing eye-catching shoes with a dress or skirt . A look that can be worn all day is our favorite.

Pinterest can be used as a mood board

What was the #1 tool that has helped me on this journey? Pinterest. When I first started using the app, however, I decided only to pin images I love. At first glance, I was overwhelmed by the various looks I had pinned. After a closer look, I stepped back to say, “OK, this look is all about neutral tones.” Or “OK, maybe this look isn’t for me, but I like that Gigi Hadid is wearing it.” The many images of different outfits allowed me to see the whole picture and compare the similarities.

Get out of your comfort zone

It cannot be very comforting to try a new style of clothing. Remember that fashion and clothes are meant to be fun. You can experiment with new things and play around. Think about it: We all change over time, whether physically, mentally, or personality-wise. Why shouldn’t your style evolve? You will only know if you try.

This allows you to start small. If you are averse to wearing neutral colors, consider adding black-and-white printed trousers to your wardrobe. You might also like tight biker shorts if you don’t prefer large, baggy lounge sets.

Take your time and assess the clothes that you are wearing every day

Once I had finally nailed the aesthetic I was after, I felt the need to fill multiple boxes with items that did not fit my vision and give them away. Remember, Slow and steady wins.

Buy a few pieces every month over a few weeks. Invest in quality pieces you can wear for many years, no matter what fashion trends may come and go. You can only keep two items if you do a complete 180 with your style, and only two pieces are left. Otherwise, your closet will only hold a few outfits. Evaluating the pieces in your wardrobe as your style changes is essential. Do you feel like the hot pink pants no longer fit? Perhaps you don’t like the color hot pink anymore. You’ve got valuable information in either case.

Online shopping can be made easier by using a tape measure

Knowing your measurements is important to avoid any size errors, especially when shopping online. Nazarudin says, “I love online shopping.” “But sizes can vary between brands and cuts. So remember your shoulder, bust, and hip measurements.”

Track pants and trousers are a good option

After spending a year in yoga pants, sweats, and other soft clothing, it might be difficult to imagine wearing structured pants. Saladino suggests that you wear a trouser instead. You can take your track pants from work to the pub by pairing them with a blouse, jacket, and statement shoes.

Remember the rule of Two

Yraola’s rule is the best way to avoid stress when pairing patterns. She says two is the maximum number of brights or prints you can mismatch with, such as stripes with florals and lavenders with greys. “Don’t add another.”

Add some pearls

Add a pearl necklace to your look or add accessories such as pearl hair clips to make it more polished. For a vintage-inspired look that is grandma-chic, layer a string of jewelry with other jewelry. Or to bring an unexpected touch of elegance to casual clothes.

Loafers are the best way to go

Loafers are the big trend in footwear right now, and with good reason. Saladino says that the menswear staple has emerged from the boardroom to give grounding to dresses, skirts and dresses. You can also experiment with patterned socks or feminine lace socks. Pair loafers with almost everything in your closet and you can update your wardrobe.

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