What to wear: Here are 30 style tips to make photos look stunning

We have to admit it. It can be stressful to choose the right outfit for your photos. This can drive anyone crazy, even photographers. Finding the perfect outfit or a family of outfits is possible. With a little guidance, it’s easier to find the perfect outfit (or family of outfits!)

Our Click Pros are experts in style tips and have 26! We can help you choose the right wardrobe to make your photo session stand out.

Don’t match. Coordinate

Tip by Erica Williams: I tell my clients to coordinate their outfits, not match them when choosing what to wear to take photos. I advise them to start with their youngest child and then layer all the other colors. It can make all the difference when it comes to tying in all the colors. I can help them if they need it.

Choose your color palette first

Tip Meghan Doll “When choosing what color to wear in photos, choose a palette of three or four colors. This is your starting point. You can think in terms of tones: earth tones, blue tones and neutrals. The chosen color palette allows everyone in the family to express their individual style and the entire group will look great together.

You can shop at the same place

Tip Jessie Nelson “Shop at the same brand or store to coordinate family photo outfits. This is especially useful when you have multiple children to dress. This spring, I was able to find a dress for myself and went straight to Carter’s to shop. I was able to find shirts for all three boys in a matter of ten minutes. They not only matched my dress but also matched each other.

Select colors for your home

Tip by Chloe Ramirez “Many family photo sessions are held in the privacy of your home. My family are encouraged to wear the same clothes as their homes. Are you looking for a light, bright and airy home or a dark and moody one? Which colors do you use to decorate? Which style do you prefer? To enhance the timeless feeling, I advise people to wear muted colors and no logos.

Use the color wheel

Tip Leslie Crane “I love using color wheels when helping my clients choose clothes that will look great in their chosen location for photography. I usually plan my location in advance so that I know how I will use it and what colors I have. This can be a great way to have fun with seniors who bring multiple outfits. While there are many ways to use a color wheel to decide what to wear in photos, I prefer to use complementary colors. In the color wheel, purple and yellow are opposites so they are complementary. These two colors can be used (in the client’s attire and in the location) and I am confident that my results will be stunning!

Consider complementary colors

Tip Meg Loeks “My family resides far north in a rural region. My family loves the outdoors so it’s important to choose simple clothing that doesn’t take away from our beautiful environment. However, I want my boys stand out from the crowd. I try to choose colors and textures that complement the environment.

Keep it simple and comfortable

Tip Tarah Beaven “For at-home newborn sessions or family photographs, which are usually taken on a big bed, I recommend cotton t-shirts and linen pants, and no shoes. Also, loose, comfortable clothes. The photos will be soft and simple if you keep them in a bedroom set. This allows people to focus on their emotions and connection. Don’t forget the bedspread! You can take it off if it is too bright or has distracting patterns, or if it’s a bit drab.

Avoid logos

Tip Vanessa Brack “My work is more about feeling than about style. I recommend to my clients that they keep their websites simple and clean. Focusing on the emotions and the connection between the family is what I prefer. For this, muted prints, solids, and subdued colors work well. Avoid logos and words that draw the eye. Baby and toddlers look so cute in a diaper and without shirts.

Opt for neutral clothing

Tips from Leslie Crane “When families don’t know what colors to wear, I recommend wearing any combination between cream, gray, or tan. This look is very easy to recreate and works well in any setting, even dried-grass fields that are available in the fall. This monochromatic look is my favorite. The soft neutrals bring attention back to the people in these photos. This timeless look is simple to put together and it’s also very easy to wear. Dads love to look casual and not overdressed.

Opt for monochromatic

Tip by Tarah Beaven “Dress monochromatically in order to match your locale. Sounds crazy, right? This can be a great way to create interesting portraits. Because everything else is not important, it’s easier to put emphasis on the face by dressing to match the location. Because they are only seeing variations of one color, it forces viewers to look at the details more closely.

Use muted colors

Tip by Julie Kulbago: “I have found that muted colors look great together in a family photo. Choose smaller patterns that don’t draw attention away from the main subject and only include one person in each pattern. Choose textures that add interest to photos, such as corduroy, lace, and knits.

Boldness is key

Tip Lisa Tichane “I love making my clients stand out in the frame with bright colors. I love to add joy and happiness to my work. To help them manage their happy colors, I ask them to choose only one or two bright colors. Then I add some neutral details like white or grey to soften them. Bonus points are awarded to those who have at least one member of their family wearing a geometric pattern. “I love stripes, but polka dots are also great choices.”

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