Six Tips for College Students: How to Find Your Style

College is full of new opportunities and experiences. You discover more about yourself and who you are. This is the time you discover your personal style. It’s the combination of clothes and accessories that makes you feel most “you”.

Your personal style does not have to be influenced by fashion trends. It’s a reflection of you, not fashion trends. The process of creating your own style can seem daunting with so many options. These six tips will help you avoid the exhausting and tedious process of trial and error.

Get Fashion Inspiration

Although everyone has their own style preferences, it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint the right style for you. You can start by browsing fashion magazines and Pinterest. A good way to find the style, colors, and patterns you like is to create an inspiration board.

It might take some effort, but it is well worth the wait. Do not worry if fashion research is not high on your list due to all the college papers. An essay writer online can assist you in streamlining the writing process. This will allow you to spend more time on your identity and your style.

Take stock of the items you already have in your closet

Although you may not yet have a consistent style, your wardrobe is likely to contain pieces that reflect the style trends you like. It’s a good idea to do a quick clean and get rid of items that don’t serve you well or bring you joy.

Let’s forget about distractions and take a look at what you love the most. Find out what makes these items special and how they allow you to express yourself. Pay attention to the things you often hide. You can make your wardrobe more comfortable and realistic by taking a look at your closet.

Try a Different Style Option

You might have to try new things and experiment a lot when you are trying to figure out your style. Armed with style boards and inspiration from fashion icons, it is time to get out there and try new things.

When it comes to buying new clothes, the cost is an important consideration. There are some budget-friendly options that allow you to try different styles without spending a lot of money. You can borrow clothes from friends, or thrift shops. Shopping can be fun. You can experiment with different clothing combinations and see what works best for you. You should be careful about what pieces you buy. You should only buy pieces that can be used in many different ways.

Get started with the basics

A solid foundation is necessary for your wardrobe. You need neutral pieces that you can mix and match. These basic pieces include jeans, a white shirt, a comfortable jacket, and trousers. You will be able to see what you are missing in your closet after the initial closet audit.

Each student will have their own style preferences and your college’s dress code. It is best to choose classic pieces and neutral colors that are easy to layer or combine. They are a solid foundation for any outfit.

Add your Signature Items and Accessories

Your signature elements are what you’re known for. You could wear embroidered boho blouses, elegant and sophisticated midi dresses, or wrap skirts. These signature items can be added to the basic collection you have chosen to show off your personality.

Accessorizing is also a winning strategy. A bag can go with almost any outfit, and even statement jewelry such as bracelets, watches, and rings. Accessories can elevate your look and be exactly what you were looking for.

Join Insyze, a Plus Size Community

Insyze has a large community of plus-sized people who share style tips and ideas.

You will find inspiration and support from our community.

You can also ask for style advice and life advice or discuss fatphobia in the community chat. It is a + forum so you can join without judgment.

Register here for a free profile on Insyze and join our community!

Invest in good underwear

This is a universal fashion tip. For plus-sized women, good underwear and shapewear are essential.

TIP: Shapewear and bras are INVESTMENT items. Don’t be afraid of spending a lot on these pieces. You’ll feel more confident and comfortable if you choose a higher-quality product.

Remember to wear a bra with a skin tone under sheer or light colors so your bra doesn’t show through.

You can find nude bras in many shades that match your skin and blend well with the skin underneath your clothes.

For inspiration, find influencers who are similar to your shape

You can find so many inspiring women sharing their daily style and outfits via Instagram, blogs, or Youtube. You can inspire confidence by finding influencers who have a similar body to yours and show you what is possible with your shape.

There are no rules. But it is always a good idea to have someone to turn to for inspiration when you need it.

Do not just cover-up

For plus-size women who lack confidence in their fashion, baggy t-shirts or leggings are the best options.

You don’t have to wear boring clothes like leggings. But you won’t feel fashionable or creatively expressing yourself with such simple clothing.

It’s unlikely that you’ll go from body con to leggings in one day. So take it slow and slowly try different styles. As a way to ease your way into different styles, a v-neckline top is a good option.

Join a Facebook group

Facebook groups are a great way to meet like-minded people. Plus Size Outfit Share is a Facebook group that allows you to share your thoughts, get advice, and generally feel great about yourself.

Do what feels good

You can find clothing that enhances your best features and increases your confidence. Fashion trends change quickly. Instead of following fashion trends, think about what makes you happy.

To feel confident and comfortable in your style, it is important to be true to yourself. You will feel great and look beautiful, regardless of what fashion blogs are promoting. Remember to dress according to your lifestyle. You should be able to use your clothes for what they are worth.

To Sum Up

Your unique style is the key to feeling comfortable and looking beautiful at all times. It doesn’t matter if fashion trends are popular. Instead, look for items that make you feel great and reflect your individual taste. Your personal style will evolve over time. Look for inspiration and consider your core wardrobe. Don’t let fashion rules limit you!

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