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October is here, and there’s never a better time to collect inspiration for Halloween nails. Nail art is a fantastic method to decorate your Halloween costume. It’s an entire accessory! Why not go all-out and put effort into your nails this Halloween season?

I prefer to keep my nails on the minimalist, subtle side, so finding nail art for Halloween that reflects this isn’t easy. Fortunately, I’ve scrolled through Instagram to find 15 nail ideas that are still Halloween-appropriate but aren’t TOO out there!

Tiny Ghosts

This design of a ghost is the epitome of subtle. If you’re trying to be in the Halloween spirit but want something that’s not as glam, then this is the ideal choice.

All you require is a pure pink base color and a vibrant white and dark jet for the eyes of a child. You can also use an eye-dotting tool to create looks, but I’d suggest the end of a toothpick will be just as effective!

Webbed Tips

For French tip enthusiasts, This spider web design is a fantastic Halloween idea. Apply a thin coating of black on the point, and then go through with an even more significant amount of transparent black to make the web. I like the way it has the look of lace to it. You might even wear this outside of Halloween!

Frankenstein French

This Halloween nail art is stunning because it’s straightforward to make. Paint the tips in the colors you like, then apply a black stitch.

This could be a fantastic last-minute nail repair, even if you already have a French manicure. It’s just an issue of adding the stitching detail!

Black, White, and Orange Doodles

This is such a great nail design, and I like the softness of the tips in orange!

You can make this look by putting paint on the ghosts, bats, and pumpkins yourself. Save a lot of work and energy by purchasing an assortment of Halloween nail stickers that include everything! All you need be able to peel them off and put them in the desired location.

Black Drip Effect

Choose this black version if you want something less intense than the typical blood-drip nails in bright red.

You can spice up the style by adding one nail (or two!) or repeating the design across every nail. I added a touch of red to mine to give some visual interest!

Pretty Pastels

The pastel nails are perfect if you plan to go for a more light, sad, less scary Halloween style. Choose purple and white nail polishes as your base colors, and then add some star-shaped nail art to add depth to the design.

Spooky Skulls

I love the simple nature of this nail design for Halloween! All you need is vibrant Red nail polish and a transparent black pencil brush.

The beauty of this design is that you can customize the skull as adorable or frightening as you’d like. It’s your choice!

Black and White Sparkles

Skulls, spider webs, and ghosts aren’t suitable for all. If you’re a fan of something more somber, Try this sparkling style instead.

To recreate the look, you’ll require black and white nail polishes. And do not forget a pencil brush to make stars and dots.

White Webbed Accent

If you think the Webbed French tips look (see above) is just a bit too delicate and slender for your taste, how about copying this full-nail spiderweb design instead?

I like how Lauren creates an ombre look under the web, so the white doesn’t stand out against the black nails. It is possible to recreate this effect by dipping the sponge into a little black polish, then pressing it gently on the pin.

Bloody French Manicure

This one is for people who have long nails! You can dress up your traditional French manicure by adding a few drops of blood to make it more appropriate for Halloween. Long stiletto or coffin nails can help get that drip effect.

Nightmare Before Christmas

The skull accent nail is very effective! By inverting the colors, the features stand out much more.

It’s also a straightforward idea if you already have black polish. Apply the paint to the eyes, nose, and mouth with a pencil dipped in clear white polish.

Retro Florals w/ Cute Ghosts

It might seem like a strange mix, but I believe it is pretty compelling. The flowers add to the nail design a softness and cuteness that allows it to be worn throughout the daytime. You may not even be able to notice the ghosts initially!

Subtle Squid Game

Squid Game has wholly taken over people’s lives … And is now getting our nails covered too! It’s sure to be a big hit at Halloween, and I’m already thinking of the designs inspired by SG planning to put together this year.

These nails can be paired with those nails and your Squid Game costume, or when you’re not dressing in costume, reference the show using these simple designs.

Night Sky Nails

While these nails contain creepy elements, I consider them adorable and feminine.

Make use of the Dotting instrument to create stars and black dots. You can also use the Bat nail stickers to decorate the middle nails.

Black and Neon Orange

The first post in this series was about ghosts, so it’s only appropriate to conclude with them! I love how these black-and-white colors contrast with the light orange neon. I believe the grid effect is fantastic too.

It’s the French tip … The grid … This is an excellent method of combining several nail trends for 2021 in one design!

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