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Do you dream of a restful night’s sleep every day? The best mattress can be challenging, from choosing the suitable materials and technology to selecting the firmness that suits your body type.

Olivia Arezzolo is a sleep coach and an author. We asked her for some of her best mattress-shopping tips. Dr. Eilish R. Roche and Dr. Mark Enriquez, D.C., two Origin sleep specialists, shared their knowledge.

Sleep depth is as crucial as the length of sleep, according to Olivia, a reporter for

As a result, you may suffer from fatigue, memory loss, and brain fog when sleeping on an old or unsuitable mattress. You might also experience anxiety, depression, feelings of depression, and poor concentration.

Dr. Eilish also added that poor coordination and slow reaction time could be caused by changes in our sleep cycle and pattern, irregular sleep schedules due to work or other commitments, and simply not getting enough sleep.

What you need to know:

Are you tired of feeling hot and sweaty in the mornings? Emma Comfort Mattress is a mattress that uses breathable and moisture-wicking material.

Airgocell Foam is used to create this product. It provides significant pressure point relief, and it’s super soft. Comfort layers adapt to the shape of your body and provide strong support for spinal alignment.

One reviewer gave this mattress five stars and said, “I’ve tried many mattresses before, but as a total package, this is the best.” Excellent comfort and heat balance. “What a difference good sleep can make.”

The Calm As Mattress by Koala is one of the top-rated products from the brand and a popular option on the market. Its Kloudcell Foam Technology is a standout feature. This technology contains three support layers to help maintain a healthy sleeping posture and reduce motion transfer. The mattress also features moisture-wicking and breathable properties that prevent overheating. It has an anti-slip bottom for stability.

The Koala Mattress can be flipped over to change the firmness from medium to firm.

One happy customer rated 4.7 stars out of 5 and wrote, “Lives up to the hype!”

When we woke up the following day after our first sleep on this mattress, we couldn’t help but laugh. It is that good. Our previous bed was good, but we have never slept better. “Lived up the hype!” wrote one customer.


This Koala Mattress is truly a dream.

The firm side is as supportive as a soft bed without the sag. After waking up every morning with a stiff neck and back from my previous mattress, which was only two years old, it was a great relief to see the pain diminish over time.

There was an initial smell, as with many bed-in-a-box mattresses. However, this went away after a couple of days.

Best Mattresses in a Box

The Koala Mattress is $1050 at Koala

Koala, The New Koala Mattress Koala Picture

What you need to know:

The latest version of the original Koala Mattress has been improved. The mattress has a removable and washable cover. It also features an anti-slip base.

The Kloudcell comfort layers are a great addition. They’re a double-sided comfort layer that you can flip over to adjust your comfort level from medium to firm.

Koala’s Zero Disturbance Tech prevents sleepless nights, regardless of how much your partner snores and tosses.

The Origin Hybrid Mattress

This newcomer may not have a familiar name, but it has fans who are raving about its value. Origin’s boxed mattresses are designed by orthopedics and feature a HexaGrid Orthopaedic Layer to provide a plush, comfortable surface. This layer also helps to relieve pressure points in your body. The handcrafted pillowtop provides pressure relief and additional support in areas where most of your body weight is concentrated.

“This is the best mattress I have ever slept on!” “Since sleeping on it, I’ve genuinely noticed that the quality of my rest has improved,” said a Product Review customer.

“I love that the motion is not transferred, as I’m a light sleeper. It can be not comforting when my dog or partner is moving about constantly or getting up to use the bathroom in the middle night. It’s a great deal of quality at a reasonable price. I can now see the hype. Highly recommended!”


Atlantis Sleep Mattress is not a box. It has four unique and complex layers to provide the best possible sleep.

The base has a multi-zoned system of support that works with your body’s contours. The next step is the support system, which determines how firm or supple it will be. A comfort layer is added to the mattress, which relieves pressure. The quilt cover is also super soft.

You can choose between soft, medium, or firm.

Features of the Mattress

100% Australian-owned and operated.

Get 100 nights free trial

This is one of the most customizable mattresses available. You can swap the foam layers for firm, medium-firm, or medium support. This mattress is designed to support the natural alignment of your spine. It promises to reduce the pain and aches you accumulate overnight.

The G-7 Gel Memory Foam is infused to regulate temperature. Its ECO-Tex Memory Foam has the bounce and durability of latex but with a breathable and durable surface.

Customers have said it is “unreal” – the best sleep they’ve experienced in years.

What you need to know:

This hybrid Noa Home bed is perfect for warm sleepers. It contains gel-infused memory foam that helps to remove moisture and relieve pressure on joints. The foam layers are bound with water-based glues, which reduce heat retention.

Other cool features include highly responsive pocket springs that promote airflow and minimize motion transfer and a layer of bamboo charcoal latex to provide comfort, breathability, and a slight bounce.

The majority of reviewers agreed that the mattress was worth purchasing again, describing it as “firm but comfy,” “breathable,” and “made with great edge support.” The customer service of their brand was also highly rated.

We’ve had our best sleep in years since we slept on it. I don’t even feel my partner dancing in his sleep. We both felt the same comfort, even though I am roughly twice his weight. “I can’t recommend it enough. It’s worth investing in good mattresses like The Noa”, said a customer.

“The customer service is excellent, the product was delivered within the allotted time, and the staff was super friendly and helpful.”

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