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It feels good to be complimented on your nail design, as your nails express your personality. Your nail art can be a great way to express your style, mood, and more.

In 2021, the global nail polish market was worth US $14 billion. According to its growth in 2021 and 2020, the US market is expected to grow at a 6.5% CAGR until 2030. The lower price of regular polish has led to a rise in market growth and revenue. Gel nail polish has also increased in value because it offers a long-lasting shine and quick drying.

CleaningCleaning If you don’t have polish on your nails, use a cotton pad with polish remover dipped into it to clean them. This will eliminate any dirt or oil that could cause the polish to warp.

Cleaning: Buff your nails before applying base coats to smoothen out the ridges.

DryingCleaning Place your hands in the refrigerator for two minutes after each step to help the polish solidify faster.

CautionCleaning Avoid using UV nail dryers to the maximum extent possible. This will prevent premature aging of the skin and increase cancer risk. If you must use your hands, apply sunscreen.

It may seem not very easy, but it’s not. We have broken this down into simple steps to achieve the look at home. It is THAT simple. It’s the prettiest thing ever. We also love the color combinations. It’s amazing!

What you will Need

White nail polish

Black nail polish

Pink nail polish

Gold nail polish

Thin brush

The thin nail strips

Step By Step Tutorial

White is the base color for your nails.

Use the nail stripes and gold nail polish to create gold bars once it has dried.

Create the pink lines.

Create the black line on the nail tip using the same technique.

Create the Aztec pattern as shown in the image using a thin paintbrush.

Add triangles to the middle.

To set, apply a clear coat of polish.

Pink Ombre Nail Design.

These pretty pink ombre nail designs are created by creating a pink gradient. Aren’t these nails adorable? The same technique can be used with any color you like. It is easy to do and only takes a few simple steps.

What you will Need

Light peach nail polish

Pink nail polish


Step By Step Tutorial

Apply one coat of light-peach polish.

Pour a small amount of each nail polish color on a clean surface or plastic sheet.

Blend the colors with a toothpick.

Use a sponge to dab the colors together.

Use a sponge to pat the nail gently.

Finish the look with a clear coat of polish.

How easy is that? Try it out now!

Gold Glitter Nail Arts

It’s a fancy design that can be worn when you want to look a bit more special! It’s pretty. It’s also super easy and quick!

What you will Need

Gold nail polish

Pink nail polish

Black nail polish

A thin brush

Dotting Tool

Step By Step Tutorial

Two coats of nail polish in gold will do the trick.

Use the dot tool to create pink dots in the corners.

As shown in the picture, outline the pink nail polish with black.

Apply a clear coat of nail polish.

Mixing glitter powder with clear nail varnish is an incredible hack if you don’t have any glitter nail polish on hand.

Smokey Grey Nail Art.

This design is dark and stunning. Try it out!

What you will Need

A dark smokey grey nail polish

Clear polish

A brush

Step By Step Tutorial

Use dark grey nail polish to paint your nails.

Mix your nail polish and some glitter on a clean, flat surface (you can also use craft glitter).

Apply this with a brush to the tips of your nails, as shown in the picture.

Finish with clear nail polish.

Voila! Say hello to fabulous nails!

Chocolate Gold Nail Art

This is the chicest color of the bunch. This combination is heavenly.

What you will Need

Nail polish in chocolate brown

Gold nail polish

Step By Step Tutorial

Use two coats to cover your base.

Place the tape diagonally on the nail to form a triangular shape (as shown in the picture).

Apply gold nail varnish in the triangle area. You can also use nail stickers in the body of triangular shapes.

Apply a clear coat of polish to finish.

Four-Leaf Clover Nails

The four-leaf clover nail art is easy to create. The pale yellow and green combination is stunning. Four-leaf clovers are said to bring good luck. This is enough reason to use this design. Do you agree?

What you will Need

Pale yellow nail polish

Green nail polish

A thin brush

Step By Step Tutorial

You’re ready to go with a clear coat of nail polish!

Add white strokes on the hearts.

Create hearts with green nail polish using a thin brush. Try nail stamping if you need to improve at drawing.

Use the pale yellow nail varnish as a base.

Two-Toned Nail Art

This is a simple nail art design that looks fresh and stylish. This look can be achieved with any two colors you choose.

What you will Need

A light blue nail polish

Dark blue shimmer polish

Step By Step Tutorial

Apply two coats of light blue nail polish.

Place a diagonally placed nail strip over your nail.

Apply one coat of dark blue shimmer nail polish.

Set it with clear nail polish!

Strawberry Fields Forever Nails

Are you bored with the traditional red manicure? Strawberries inspire this nail art. This nail art design is fun and fresh.

What you will Need

Red nail polish

Dark green nail polish

Light green nail polish

White nail polish in a mellow yellow shade

Step By Step Tutorial

Use two coats of red nail varnish as your base.

Create dots on your nails with white or dull yellow nail polish.

Using dark-green nail polish and a thin brush, create the strawberry’s head at the base.

Nail decals can be used to add shine and shine to your nails. Use white mini nail rhinestones to decorate one pin, or place them in random locations.

You’re finished! Apply a clear coat of polish.

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