How to Wear High Waisted Jeans – Outfit Ideas and Tips

High-waisted jeans have become a cult favorite. They are timeless and never go out-of-fashion. We want you to look amazing every time you wear high-waisted denim. No matter your body type, these jeans will look amazing on you. They are available in many styles today, including boyfriend jeans, distressed, bell-bottoms, and mom jeans.

Best Outfit Ideas For High Waisted Jeans

Ripped High Waisted Jeans with a Bodysuit and Kimono

High-waisted and ripped jeans: if this is something you haven’t tried, you should. This instantly amplifies your style. A sequin bodysuit or kimono is a great choice for parties. A well-put together outfit can make you look great for any occasion. This look can be paired with a sleek bag and platform heels.

Levi’s, a well-known denim manufacturer introduced high waisted jeans to women who worked in factories or on land during the 1940s.

Crop-Top Style Sweatshirt

Crop tops are a favorite of many and can be worn with anything low-waisted. However, you should try them with high-waisted skinny pants. The monochrome look is a huge hit with grey-colored tops.

With A Hoodie Sweater And Suede Boots

You have a lot of sweaters and hoodies in your winter wardrobe. Pair one of these with some black jeans and a sweater and then finish the look off with some suede boots. This can be worn to work, even if you don’t have to adhere strictly to a dress code.

High Waisted Jeans Printed With A Chunky Fur Sweater

These printed jeans are so cute! Put on a bright colored tank and dress up with a chunky fur sweater in candy pink. It makes me long to visit a unicorn island, should one exist.

With a Leather Jacket and Scarf

Tank tops can be worn in winter and summer. If your jeans are very skinny, you can wear one of these tops with high-waisted jeans. You can also add a scarf, leather jacket, or scarf to the tank. You can also wear your ankle lengths. This is a great idea for anyone, no matter how curvy or skinny.

Wear a plain white T-shirt and tie it in.

For a chic everyday look, you can wear it with plain white or black T-shirts.

With Bold Color Long Sweater and Caption T-Shirt

Add a bold color sweater to your T-shirts or tank tops. You can also color block your accessories. This outfit is a great way to beat Monday blues.

To play with proportions, you can pair high-waisted jeans with a longer jacket or a regular-length jacket.

Wear a turtle neck sweater or top

A turtleneck worn with boyfriend jeans or high-waisted skinny jeans is a great look. This look can be spruced up with a puffy, sleeveless jacket.

Black Ruffle Top

Are you planning a party? You can ditch the one-piece dresses and pencil skirts in favor of ripped high waisted jeans with a fancy ruffle blouse. This instantly gives you that party look. Red pumps are a must!

Top with a Backless Top

Backless tops look great with high-waisted jeans, if you think about it. These jeans will elevate your waist more than regular jeans, thus amplifying the overall look.

With a Bralette and Plaid Shirt

Plaid shirts are now a rage, and there will be one in your wardrobe. Bralettes are our new muse. Wear a bralette with your boyfriend jeans, and wear your converse shoes. For a more masculine look, you can wear your plaid shirt over your boyfriend jeans or tie it around your waist. A white high-waisted jeans with a crop top and a shirt is another variation.

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