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Select Your Shape

Knowing the shape of the diamonds your partner wants is a great idea before you start looking for an engagement ring. Each condition, known as a “cut,” is priced differently. And each one has a different cost per carat. The round cut is the most expensive, while pear or marquise is less. You can get more carats for less money if you opt for a different shape than the classic round. Study the different ring shapes and choose one or two favorites before shopping for an engagement ring.

Select a metal for the band

In the past, engagement rings and wedding bands were made of white gold or platinum. However, Rose Gold has been a new, more modern option in recent years. Platinum may appear similar to silver but is more expensive due to its greater density and rarity. Consider your lifestyle and budget before deciding on a metal. Also, consider whether or not you’d like stones in your band.

Carat size is important

“The spouse-to-be should have an idea of her (or his) stone size,” says Jaclyne Kirkorian, from a data component= “link” data ordinal= “1” data source= “inlineLink” and data type= “externalLink.” Jaclyne Kirorian, Jupiter Jewelry New York, says the spouse-to-be should have a good idea of their stone size. As much as people claim that size doesn’t matter, it is the starting point because color and clarity can be adjusted to fit your budget.

If size is essential, consider the ideal carat size and then be flexible with other factors to fit your budget.

Also, it’s essential to be open-minded. It’s necessary to keep an open mind. Your partner might believe they know exactly what they want in size or shape. But, after trying on rings, it could turn out they are looking for something completely different. You can save much money if you select a smaller carat size. Diamond prices increase dramatically when they are weighed in the most popular weight. Think of half-carat and whole-carat consequences (1, 1.5, etc.). Emily Duke, Finesse Diamonds Corp, says buying a diamond just below these weights will save you money. It will be a.92-carat instead of 1 carat.

How to Measure Correctly

It may seem obvious, but you should measure your ring finger both. It’s essential to avoid a too-tight or loose ring, as it could fall off. It should be snug but not uncomfortable. You can get measured in a jewelry shop alone without buying engagement rings together. Then casually mention the size when the topic is brought up.

Think about how your engagement ring will look with your wedding band

While it’s easy to get caught searching for the perfect diamond, the engagement ring is just one-half of the equation (or even less if you choose the stack of rings option). The other half of the equation is often overlooked: your wedding band. This is the symbol of your marriage. Consider what kind of wedding band will go with your engagement ring. Knowing that some engagement rings won’t fit a wedding band flush is essential.

Always Buy Certified

Take your time and shop wisely. Buying an engagement is one of the most expensive purchases you will make in your life. If you find your dream ring, buy a certified stone. This can come from an accredited lab such as the American Gem Society or the Gemological Institute of America. Diamonds that are certified by other labs may have inflated grades. This can give the impression of a good deal, but the diamond is of lower quality.

Check that the certificate matches the diamond

Duke says most diamonds have laser-inscribed girdles, which can be checked using a jeweler’s loupe. Many diamonds have inclusions, so you can examine the diamond to see if the map on the certificate matches the imperfections.

Take Care to Choose the Best Quality Cut and Clarity

Weissman suggests you can save money by buying the lowest color diamond, which will still appear colorless when viewed with the naked eye. This is usually an I or J color for round diamonds set in white gold. “In yellow gold, you can even go as low as a K color,” says he. “The price difference between a J and D color is huge.” The same applies to clarity. He suggests choosing the lowest clarity diamond, which is still apparent to the naked eye because it will look like a flawless stone if all other factors are equal. The price difference between an SI1 or SI2 diamond and a perfect diamond is enormous.

Dan Moran, private jeweler and founder of Concierge Diamonds, advises his clients not to compromise on the Quality of a diamond’s cut. Why? The amount of the stone is what gives the diamond its gorgeous sparkle. If you take a rough stone that’s not so good and cut it perfectly, it will look stunning. Take a top-of-the-line rough diamond, but cut it badly, and it will look like garbage.

Negotiate like a boss

Michael Dobkin, creative director at Rosey West and company founder, says engagement rings are often marked up beyond necessary margins. Some circles can be marked up by as much as 500%. Dobkin advises: “Do your research and do not be afraid to bargain.” A good jeweler is willing to work with you and your budget while getting the best quality for your needs.

Wholesale District

Monil Kothari founded Antandre, a fine jewelry company in NYC. Kothari says that a wholesaler or private retailer, like himself, can work one-on-one with customers to design a ring for them. We can also save our customers more than 30% because we need to have the high overheads of traditional retailers.


How can I find the correct ring size for my surprise without spoiling it?

Ask their family and friends if you need clarification on your partner’s ring size. If you still need clarification, ask their close friends and family first. If you are still unsure, choose a slightly larger band that can be resized.

What is the average price of an engagement ring in America?

Spending on an engagement ring is a matter of personal taste and budget. Understanding what goes into the price of a call can help you make the most of your budget.

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