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The aughts have been omnipresent, but nothing has made us happier than the return of cargo pants with many pockets. Cargo pants are much like the good bottoms that were popular in the past. They’re still baggy, have plenty of pockets, and aren’t just camo and khaki. Don’t be fooled; These shades are still in style. Include denim, neons, and metallics. The game has changed a lot when it comes to cargo pants outfits. They are no longer limited to T-shirts from bands, hoodies, and sneakers.

Cargo pants outfits that we have seen on celebrities and during Fashion Weeks around the world have been remixed. You’ll see corset tops and heels instead of the schoolyard separates. You’ll see over a dozen outfits for cargo pants that you can try in 2023.

A Bodysuit

In this context, cargo pants are a great outfit. Snap-on a high-cut jumpsuit underneath a pair of baggy cargo trousers for a bold, unexpected look. This peekaboo effect is risqué without exposing your underwear underneath a sheer gown. It’s a win/win.

The Statement Belt

It can be challenging to access cargo pants because so many details are involved. From pockets to tassels and zippers, you have a lot of things to consider. Add a statement belt with your favorite high-waisted pants to make you look more stylish without compromising your fit. It will not only complete your look but also make you appear slimmer by contrasting your natural waist with the volume of the cargo pants.

A Sleek Trench

It doesn’t matter if you like trench coats or wear dusters. A long jacket with a casual ensemble is fashion gold. A sleek coat worn over a cargo of similar color will make you look like a main character.

A Sneak Peek at Briefs

Both boy band members and Calvin Klein supermodels wear the timeless “glimpse-of-briefs” look. You can still wear this trending cargo pants outfit if you don’t like the flashy logos. Layer a pair of leggings underneath your baggy cargo trousers. Match the fabric or print on your top with your bottoms to elevate the fit.

With a Racer tank

Pair cargo pants in vibrant colors with a white racerback tank top to embrace your inner athlete or former Y2K pop star. The cargo pants outfit is the perfect canvas to add significant accessories. This outfit can be amplified with metallic bangles and a purse.

A Puffer that is Oversized

Pair your cargo pants with an oversize jacket to bring the look upwards. Keep your top form-fitting and sleek to avoid drowning in the face. This outfit will look more well-planned if you stick to one color scheme.

Add a pop of color

Don’t be fooled. You can also wear them glam. Pairing these pants with attractive accessories is a fun, easy and cohesive way to make them look more stylish. These pants are a perfect canvas for bright neons, metallics, and reds.

With a Cropped jacket

You can still wear cargo pants if you are hesitant to wear clothing that exaggerates the shape of your body. The visual weight of cargo pants can be balanced with a cropped jacket made from leather or denim. You can create a lean, long silhouette by wearing a coat above your waist.

Corset Top

The corset top is alive and well. This stop style is an excellent contrast to cargo pants, which can look shapeless. The hardness of a corset or bustier paired with the softness and comfort of cargo pants is a fashion match made in heaven.

Combat Boots

To change the appearance of cargo pants, tuck them into combat boots. This outfit style breaks up the weight to give a military-inspired look. Try incorporating high-shine materials like leather or latex in your outfit to keep it sleek. Boom. You’re a superhero (or a supervillain).


Do you want to go out with your favorite cargo pants for a nice meal? A blazer is the fastest way to elevate your cargo pants. You’ll need an oversized jacket that falls below your natural waist instead of a cropped jacket. A blazer can create a longer silhouette by drawing your eye past your hips.

Boots for Ankles

Try swapping steel toes with pointed-toe ankle boots for a more glam version. The same silhouette as combat boots will be achieved, but the soft glam look is entirely different.

In Heels

We are constantly seeing guests from Fashion Weeks all over the world pair larger-than-life cargo pants with sleek stilettos that peek out just below the hems of their pants. It helps to imagine how you’d style heels with jeans with wide legs when styling heels with cargo pants. Although the heels are not the main focus, they will still be noticeable.

Comfortable Sweaters

This outfit is a great way to update your cargo pants. It’s reminiscent of the old-school look but updated with preppy details. Combine cargo pants with a vintage khaki shade, leather sneakers in pristine condition, and a loose-fitting sweater to create a stylish academic look.

The Top Statement

Welcome to the age the cargo pants if you have a statement shirt in your closet but need to know what to pair with it. Cargo pants are not only comfortable but also help to tone down a statement top. You can now focus on your fantastic look and not the mechanics of an outfit.

Cowboy Boots

Combining cowboy boots with cargo pants can be a more dramatic fashion statement than tucking in combat boots. Keep your color palette monochromatic to avoid this look veering toward costume territory. *Except* the boots, which should (and can!) The boots themselves can (and should!) stand out.

Varsity Jacket

Varsity Jackets are an old-school staple that goes well with cargo pants. Try to match your cargo pants to your primary jacket color as closely as possible to keep your outfit cohesive. You can then let your hair down with the top and accessories, as you already have a coherent look.

The Off-the-Shoulder Top

Pairing the pants with an off-the-shoulder top is another way to create a delicious contrast between romance, utility, and romance in your cargo pants outfit. The visual balance created by exposing your shoulders is a great way to add a little va-va-voom and keep things looking streamlined.

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